Review – ‘Wearing the Cape: Villains Inc.’ by Marion G. Harmon


A while back, I did a review for Wearing the Cape, a YA superhero novel by Marion G. Harmon. To sum up the review, the first book was a solid time; although the reading was a bit rough at certain moments tied directly to the main character’s age, those moments were balanced with plenty of … Continue reading

Fantasy in Review: ‘The Drowning City’ by Amanda Downum

DC-ReviewFeature copy

I was desperate for something to read and I was browsing the shelves of my local Barnes and Noble when I came across this book.  I decided to give it a shot for a few reasons.  The book said it was part of the Necromancer Chronicles.   I like Necromancers.  I like protagonist necromancers quite a bit … Continue reading

Author Spotlight – Peter V. Brett


Brett is one of those authors that I very much associate with my career at Borders.  During my years with that company, I met a lot of my favorite authors and those experiences varied from author to author.  Some were good, some were bad, and some were just awkward.  I remember that I felt pretty … Continue reading

Fantasy in Review: Saladin Ahmed’s “Throne of the Crescent Moon”


I first heard Saladin Ahmed speak about Throne of the Crescent Moon and read from it a year or so back.  And I was hooked.  Here was the book I’d been waiting for from the vast faceless hordes of fantasy authors out there.  It had that Middle Eastern flair and setting that I’d been craving … Continue reading

Author Spotlight – Brandon Sanderson


The focus of our Author Spotlight series was supposed to be to take a look at awesome authors that many people don’t know about. The thing is, that becomes an oddly confused goal in the realm of fantasy novels. Why? Because they’re incredibly long; your average fantasy novel is a 400 page beast that is … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: Infinite Ammo’s 2011 Year in Review


To look back on this year, Infinite Ammo has brought together some of our writers to talk about 2011: our favorite, most anticipated and least liked games, movies, TV shows and comics. Favorite Game of the Year: Louis Santiago: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It’s hard to say what my favorite moment of the game … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo Looks Back: Part One: Our Creed, Comics and Comic-Con!!!

Infinite Ammo Looks Back

Infinite Ammo has much to be thankful for this holiday season: we started just this July, and ever since, we have been able to report on a huge variety of important events. From major comic franchise reboots to Comic Con itself; comic book movies and more, and some of the greatest gaming the industry has … Continue reading

‘Wearing the Cape’ by Marion G. Harmon – Probably the Best Hero Fantasy Novel You’ve Never Read


This is an abridged version of a review originally posted on Louis Santiago’s blog. There’s a really good chance you haven’t heard of Wearing the Cape, it’s author Marion G. Harmon, or perhaps even the genre of “superhero sci-fi/fantasy” (as I call it). If you’ve haven’t on any of those counts, then you’re missing out. Cause in all … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo Presents “Conventional Wisdom”


With New York Comic Con happening this month, we thought it would be a great idea to present Kenney Broadway’s Conventional Wisdom, a documentary that takes very personal look at Dragon Con and the folks who attend it. Never heard of Dragon Con? Need inspiration for a costume or maybe the bravery to wear one … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” – Is it really worth it anymore?

dance rt feature

Disclaimer: We’ve done our best to make this Round Table accessible for all fans of A Song of Ice and Fire. At some points, however, we couldn’t help erupting into spoilers (we’re talking end of A Dance with Dragons spoilers). At those points we’ve throw Spoiler Alerts directly at your face and have colored those portions white (like … Continue reading


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