Buy It, Browse It, Burn It – The First Three Issues of Brian K. Vaughan’s ‘Saga’


So if you asked me who my favorite comic book superhero was, I’d tell you Spider-Man. If you asked me what my favorite series was though… I’d probably say Brian K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man. It was fun and dramatic at the same time and it had a premise simple enough that it easily drew you … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo Presents: What To Expect When You’re A Superhero Expecting

What to Expect

Superheroes live a dangerous lifestyle: and capes and tights don’t always work well with pacifiers and diapers. There’s never been a guide to help expecting supermoms and dads balance fighting crime, an alter-ego, and keep their archfoes away while changing diapers and shopping for superstrollers… until now! With the movie adaptation of the bestselling parenting … Continue reading

The Road to “Avengers 2″: Predictions and Hopes


In our post-The Avengers world, priorities have changed a little bit. Before the record breaking hit, people were all, “I wonder if Thor 2 will be any good,” but now, people are all, “OMG I need Avengers 2 right now!” Naturally, the question that follows is, well, “What will Avengers 2 even be about?” Seriously, even a large portion … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo’s Mother Day Special: Best (and Worst) Moms of Geek Culture


In honor of Mother’s Day, Infinite Ammo wanted to honor some of our favorite geek culture moms… good and bad. We’re celebrating what makes each mother special (or what doesn’t) with a little background on what they have been through, what makes them tick, and what’s made them who they are as moms. Please enjoy! … Continue reading

A DC Fan’s Spoiler-Packed Dissection of ‘The Avengers’


WARNING: There will be spoilers. All of them. In many ways The Avengers is both every action movie you’ve ever seen, and in many ways its the first of its kind. Like many action movies, it’s a bit thin on plot–and this film once again was just a stall for the next (the villain is … Continue reading

A Marvel Fan’s Spoiler-free Review of ‘The Avengers’


So, just to get it out of the way, yes, The Avengers was awesome. And if you know me at all, you know that I present that as honestly as I can; I immediately and again point out what was already offered in the title of this article—I’m a Marvel. That doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring the … Continue reading

‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ – Why You Should Give It an Honest Chance


If you read my review of the new Ultimate Spider-Man show two weeks ago, you know that I love a good Marvel animated series but judge new ones very, very honestly. In short, I had high hopes for Ultimate Spider-Man because Paul Dini was an advisor for the show and because Spectacular Spider-Man was so great; I was horribly, horribly … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons It Would Suck To Live In A Comic Book World


I’ve been reading comics for a long, long time. I’ve grown up with thousands of adventures that have taken place everywhere, from Earth to Thanagar, from the Microverse to the Speed Force, from the prehistoric past to the 853rd century. And the one thing I’ve come to learn is this: It would really suck to … Continue reading

Supreme Returns All Over Again


You may have heard of Alan Moore, but there is a good chance you haven’t heard about his work on Supreme. After Mr. Moore had his falling out with DC Comics, he was never going to write Superman again. However, Alan was working for Image in the mid-nineties, and they owned a Rob Liefeld character … Continue reading

Emerald City Comic Con 2012


So I’m a fairly recent transplant to Seattle.  I’ve been here about a year and I got here just in time to miss Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) last year.  This year, having heard so many good things about ECCC, there was no way I was going to miss it.  Luckily for me I had attended … Continue reading


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