Infinite Ammo Presents: What To Expect When You’re A Superhero Expecting

What to Expect

Superheroes live a dangerous lifestyle: and capes and tights don’t always work well with pacifiers and diapers. There’s never been a guide to help expecting supermoms and dads balance fighting crime, an alter-ego, and keep their archfoes away while changing diapers and shopping for superstrollers… until now! With the movie adaptation of the bestselling parenting … Continue reading

Warning: Don’t Let Minecraft Destroy Your Life


A weird thing happens when you play Minecraft. You don’t stop. Not like a “This is a good stopping point… but I guess I could always do this” kind of not stopping, but a “Wait… Wasn’t it just daytime?” kind of not stopping. And if you consider that that’s what games are supposed to do—make you … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo’s Mother Day Special: Best (and Worst) Moms of Geek Culture


In honor of Mother’s Day, Infinite Ammo wanted to honor some of our favorite geek culture moms… good and bad. We’re celebrating what makes each mother special (or what doesn’t) with a little background on what they have been through, what makes them tick, and what’s made them who they are as moms. Please enjoy! … Continue reading

A Gamer’s Guide to Working in Retail


I owe all of you an apology.  In the time that’s passed since I advised you not to take on new career ambitions in my Gamer’s Guide to Surviving the Debtpocalypse a funny thing happened; the economy actually improved (superficially, at least).  Unfortunately, this means that you may have missed your window of opportunity to … Continue reading

The Best Little Enemy That Couldn’t


And now, Chaosrayne presents… a loving ode… to the Mudcrab. For me, 2011 meant one bright shining moment for video games: SKYRIM.  This game was everything for which I could have hoped. But one thing stood out for me. Was it the new improved leveling system? Maybe it was the new magic system or the … Continue reading

What If… Dino Crisis Had Been the Bestseller?


As far as gamers go, I’m a bit of a weirdo. I can say with confidence that I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I do flatter myself with the completely made-up title of amateur video game historian. “What the hell’s that?” you ask? A gamer who’s more intrigued by the movements and eras of the … Continue reading

A Gamer’s Guide to Politics and Voting


In the very first of my Gamer’s Guides, you learned that playing video games had subconsciously given you the ability to endure cataclysmic economic conditions.  Perhaps since then you’ve been wondering if there’s any sort of action you could take to influence events in a way that could help fix the problems facing the country, … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo Looks Back: Part Two: Movies, Television, Music, and Around the Net


Never has there been a more exciting time for geek culture in the media than 2011: this year we were given a ton of comic book movies, fun sci-fi and fantasy movies, big ideas in TV, good music, and insanity on the internet. MOVIES We started our year with a lot of questions: we were … Continue reading

The Return of “Ask Conan” – Our Favorite Barbarian Dishes on Etiquette, Camping and More!


Dear Conan, My 10 year old son has become a very big Harry Potter fan over the last few months, but I have very religious parents that wouldn’t approve. He loves talking about Hogwarts, and I don’t want him to have to decide between being chastised by his grandparents or lying about something he loves. … Continue reading

A Gamer’s Guide to Successful Relationships


Hello, fellow gamer.  Have you noticed that lately all your friends are spending their time going on dates instead of playing Gears of War 3 with you?  Do your in-game characters get more action than you do?  Well have no fear, because I am once again here to show you how your inclination towards gaming … Continue reading


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