The Return of “Ask Conan” – Our Favorite Barbarian Dishes on Etiquette, Camping and More!


Dear Conan, My 10 year old son has become a very big Harry Potter fan over the last few months, but I have very religious parents that wouldn’t approve. He loves talking about Hogwarts, and I don’t want him to have to decide between being chastised by his grandparents or lying about something he loves. … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo Presents Our New Advice Column – “Ask Conan the Barbarian”


From the fantastic realm of Hyborea comes… Ask Conan THE BARBARIAN Dear Conan, My son’s determined to get a tattoo. He seems convinced it’ll make him a man. How do I convince him otherwise? Sincerely, Concerned Mom in Miami Dear Concerned Mom, This is not uncommon. It sounds like your son suffers from a lack … Continue reading


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