A Gamer’s Guide to Working in Retail


I owe all of you an apology.  In the time that’s passed since I advised you not to take on new career ambitions in my Gamer’s Guide to Surviving the Debtpocalypse a funny thing happened; the economy actually improved (superficially, at least).  Unfortunately, this means that you may have missed your window of opportunity to … Continue reading

A Gamer’s Guide to Politics and Voting


In the very first of my Gamer’s Guides, you learned that playing video games had subconsciously given you the ability to endure cataclysmic economic conditions.  Perhaps since then you’ve been wondering if there’s any sort of action you could take to influence events in a way that could help fix the problems facing the country, … Continue reading

A Gamer’s Guide to Successful Relationships


Hello, fellow gamer.  Have you noticed that lately all your friends are spending their time going on dates instead of playing Gears of War 3 with you?  Do your in-game characters get more action than you do?  Well have no fear, because I am once again here to show you how your inclination towards gaming … Continue reading

A Gamer’s Guide to Surviving the Debtpocalypse

stock market down debtpocalypse

On Friday, August 5th the Standard & Poors credit rating agency downgraded United States Treasuries from AAA to AA+, creating chaos in financial markets and causing global stock indexes to fluctuate wildly. If that last sentence meant absolutely nothing to you then congratulations, you’ve somehow managed to remain completely unaware of the greatest economic threat … Continue reading


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