Infinite Ammo Presents: What To Expect When You’re A Superhero Expecting

What to Expect

Superheroes live a dangerous lifestyle: and capes and tights don’t always work well with pacifiers and diapers. There’s never been a guide to help expecting supermoms and dads balance fighting crime, an alter-ego, and keep their archfoes away while changing diapers and shopping for superstrollers… until now! With the movie adaptation of the bestselling parenting … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo’s Mother Day Special: Best (and Worst) Moms of Geek Culture


In honor of Mother’s Day, Infinite Ammo wanted to honor some of our favorite geek culture moms… good and bad. We’re celebrating what makes each mother special (or what doesn’t) with a little background on what they have been through, what makes them tick, and what’s made them who they are as moms. Please enjoy! … Continue reading

5 Rules of Etiquette for the Clueless Nerd

In the end, calling someone a noob is as stupid as calling an adorable baby a noob. Seriously.

For a while now, Nerdom has been a thing. I’m old enough to remember when it totally wasn’t—when there wasn’t a possibility of becoming a major league gamer, so your parents always worried when you played video games at all. Back when there was no EVO. And back when people weren’t so proud to be nerds … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons It Would Suck To Live In A Comic Book World


I’ve been reading comics for a long, long time. I’ve grown up with thousands of adventures that have taken place everywhere, from Earth to Thanagar, from the Microverse to the Speed Force, from the prehistoric past to the 853rd century. And the one thing I’ve come to learn is this: It would really suck to … Continue reading

Fight Your Rival! – The Batman VS The Doctor


I remember when I wrote our very first Fight Your Rival. It was last year and I was super excited for this series on Infinite Ammo. I thought to myself, “There are so many possibilities for fights out there! : D I’m going to write another one next month!” Cut to… now. And this—Fight Your … Continue reading

SMH – 5 Achievement / Trophy Trends That Just Make Us Angry


There was a time when I was really, really into getting Achievements. Like, looking at them was the first thing I did when I turned on a new game. Eventually, I stopped taking them that seriously, but Achievements, for me, are still the new indication for completion of a game, as they are for many, … Continue reading

The “Mass Effect Approach”: Making 5 New Video Game Franchises The Mass Effect Way


There’s been a lot of talk amongst gamers about how Rocksteady should create a game for like… every single DC hero, with their successful approach to creating the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham series. And while that’s a hell of a task to demand of a company, it was something that stayed on my mind while … Continue reading

@ The Round Table – Feeling Used: Are Next Gen Anti-Used Game Measures Just… Anti-Gamer?


An Introduction from Louis Santiago: It’s finally that time again. The Console Wars. It seems like ages since they tore through the gaming world. But, really, they haven’t fully started yet–we’re still just in the sing song phase of things where everyone’s excitedly imagining what the next batch of systems will look like and trying … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: Infinite Thoughts On Final Fantasy’s Past and Future


With the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 (and promises to return to a more traditional Final Fantasy styled experience) it made the writers of Infinite Ammo reminisce over our own Final Fantasy experiences, and made us think back to our favorite moments, our most ridiculous ones, and where we’d like the franchise to go in … Continue reading

Where Are The Fighting Game Franchises I Love?

5 Franchises

With the Fighting Game genre having reached a new renaissance of evolved gameplay, and the successful revival of fan-favorite franchises in recent years (with the arrival of Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat, Marvel Vs Capcom 3) I’ve expected this trend to continue and give us more long-lived franchises or long-lost cult faves to sate our … Continue reading


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