My Guilty Pleasure: Why Digimon Rocks My Socks

By CherryGirkUK!

They didn’t want to be the very best, that no one ever was. They didn’t want to catch them all. They were just seven scared kids lost in another world who just wanted to find their way home. At a time when all you needed was a catchy theme song, a constantly formulaic script, and … Continue reading

My Guilty Pleasure – 73625 CR to Win

Unfortunately, this is an excellent visual representation of "73625 CR to win!" In short, "You'll never make it. Not until that mountain grows enough."

Hello, everyone. My name is Louis and I play Halo: Reach. A lot. Okay, definitely not as much as your average teen (who already saw Captain America last weekend, so what else would he do this weekend?), but… I’d like to say definitely more than your modern, poor, adult writer. That’s still not to say … Continue reading


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