@ The Round Table – Feeling Used: Are Next Gen Anti-Used Game Measures Just… Anti-Gamer?


An Introduction from Louis Santiago: It’s finally that time again. The Console Wars. It seems like ages since they tore through the gaming world. But, really, they haven’t fully started yet–we’re still just in the sing song phase of things where everyone’s excitedly imagining what the next batch of systems will look like and trying … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: Infinite Thoughts On Final Fantasy’s Past and Future


With the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 (and promises to return to a more traditional Final Fantasy styled experience) it made the writers of Infinite Ammo reminisce over our own Final Fantasy experiences, and made us think back to our favorite moments, our most ridiculous ones, and where we’d like the franchise to go in … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: Where Are the Motion Games We Deserve?


Louis Santiago: There was a time when motion controls were the future; everyone was playing Wii Sports and making Mii’s, still excited for all of the possibilities that Nintendo’s new age of gaming would bring. I remember being at the midnight release for Super Mario Galaxy with ChaosRayne and being excited for possibilities I couldn’t … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: The X-Men: Schism, Regenesis, and Beyond


The X-Men have been doing a lot of the same lately. With one big crossover event after another, the last few years have been the same Extinction stories over and over, with X-Men—nay, mutant world leader—Cyclops gathering an army of Marvel Comics’ most incredibly diverse andvaried set of powers and personalities to combat evil geneticists, … Continue reading

@ the Round Table: Has The “Comic Book Death” Reached Its Demise?

Death in Comics

After recent news of Cable’s return (after being dead for just a year, give or take, in our time, perhaps only a few weeks or months in comic book time) and hearing Bucky is rumored to return early next year, the revolving door of death in comics is getting faster than ever before. With this … Continue reading

@ the Round Table: DC’s New 52: Did the Reboot Work?


From Crisis on Infinite Earths to Zero Hour: Crisis in Time!; from Infinite Crisis to Final Crisis: DC Comics has constantly tweaked their continuity for over two decades. For the entire month of September, DC Comics went through yet another company-wide continuity reboot after the Flashpoint event ended, relaunching it’s franchise with 52 all new … Continue reading

@ the Round Table: Superhero “Legacy” Characters: Real Replacements or Secondhand Gimmicks?

legacy rt feature

Infinite Dictionary: Legacy Character:  Any character created to carry the torch, uphold the honor, and fight in the name of a hero who has since passed away (and yet to be revived), gone missing in time or the multiverse, or has just been lost in the abyss of obscurity.  Any character created as an attempt … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: Buyer Beware – Gamestop’s Drug-Fueled Binge of Drugs, Sex, Used Games Sales, and Drugs

gamestop rt feature2

Out of all the retail stores dotting the American landscape, I can think of few that draw the ire of their own customers more than video game outlet Gamestop.  Whether it’s the incredibly slow-moving employees, the constant plugs for membership cards and magazine subscriptions, or the strange moldy crust that seems to come baked onto … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” – Is it really worth it anymore?

dance rt feature

Disclaimer: We’ve done our best to make this Round Table accessible for all fans of A Song of Ice and Fire. At some points, however, we couldn’t help erupting into spoilers (we’re talking end of A Dance with Dragons spoilers). At those points we’ve throw Spoiler Alerts directly at your face and have colored those portions white (like … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: Megaman R.I.P. – Is Capcom Forcing the Blue Bomber into Retirement?

deathofmegaman feature

Last October, Keiji Inafune, the creator of Megaman and long-time Capcom employee, left the legendary video game firm. If Joystiq’s report can be believed, Mr. Inafune left the company because he felt there was no further he could rise in the ranks and that his creativity would suffer if he didn’t move on. Whether or not this … Continue reading


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