SMH – 5 Achievement / Trophy Trends That Just Make Us Angry


There was a time when I was really, really into getting Achievements. Like, looking at them was the first thing I did when I turned on a new game. Eventually, I stopped taking them that seriously, but Achievements, for me, are still the new indication for completion of a game, as they are for many, … Continue reading

SMH – 5 Gaming Experiences I Never Want to Have Again


This has been a pretty intense holiday season for the gaming industry. Looking back at the epic mountain of long-awaited sequels we got brought back a lot of awesome memories; this year honestly and finally saw the rise of a new Best Game of All Time in my book, a title that Final Fantasy VII … Continue reading

SMH – If It’s Broke…


I was playing Skyrim the other day while Darth Healthcare played Portal 2. Really, that meant we were both completely silent until either I shouted, “Dragon!” or he laughed aloud at something GLaDOS said. After some time though, he laughed particularly loudly and added, “That was great.” I couldn’t ignore the curiosity. “What happened?” “No,” … Continue reading

SMH – Can the WWE Change For the Better?


So, I watched Raw almost religiously for a few months now. I haven’t done that since, well, probably about 2002. Wrestling just stopped being interesting after a while. I wasn’t sure if it was me growing out of it or that the product was maybe starting to suffer. Or both. It was the product suffering, actually. … Continue reading

SMH – Fighting Games and Hollywood: It Sucks So ‘ard!


(Note: There are *Spoiler Alerts* in this article: to view them, highlight the blank area following the Spoiler Alert.) As a gamer, the idea of a live action movie based on a fighting game you like or even know of seems like a sweet idea. Then, somehow, it gets made and you are left scratching your head … Continue reading

SMH – You want me to see WHAT?!?!


This mostly isn’t a post about Cowboys and Aliens, but for me it originated there.  I’ll make a long story short and get to the point.  I was really really excited about Cowboys and Aliens.  And then I wasn’t any more.  I kept waffling back and forth until finally the day came to see the … Continue reading


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