Bad Movie Night: Surviving Asylum Picture’s Mockbusters: “Almighty Thor”, “Transmorphers”, and “200 mph”


After taking forever to see Almighty Thor (which I only heard about because of the movie’s release around the time of Marvel’s Thor) I researched the details to find that Asylum, the studio behind the movie, is famous for making these really shitty “mockbusters” that are released at the same time as the real blockbuster … Continue reading

SMH – Fighting Games and Hollywood: It Sucks So ‘ard!


(Note: There are *Spoiler Alerts* in this article: to view them, highlight the blank area following the Spoiler Alert.) As a gamer, the idea of a live action movie based on a fighting game you like or even know of seems like a sweet idea. Then, somehow, it gets made and you are left scratching your head … Continue reading


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