@ The Round Table: Infinite Ammo’s 2011 Year in Review


To look back on this year, Infinite Ammo has brought together some of our writers to talk about 2011: our favorite, most anticipated and least liked games, movies, TV shows and comics. Favorite Game of the Year: Louis Santiago: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It’s hard to say what my favorite moment of the game … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo Looks Back: Part Two: Movies, Television, Music, and Around the Net


Never has there been a more exciting time for geek culture in the media than 2011: this year we were given a ton of comic book movies, fun sci-fi and fantasy movies, big ideas in TV, good music, and insanity on the internet. MOVIES We started our year with a lot of questions: we were … Continue reading

Infinite’s Viral Theater – Music Edition


Welcome to Infinite Ammo’s Viral Theater: Music Edition!  Today we’ll try to simultaneously tickle both your funny bone and your music …bone.  Below you’ll find some of the Internet’s choicest of obscure items, arranged for your viewing pleasure with a side of presentations about each video and their authors (where applicable).  Let’s kick out the … Continue reading


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