Infinite Ammo’s Mother Day Special: Best (and Worst) Moms of Geek Culture


In honor of Mother’s Day, Infinite Ammo wanted to honor some of our favorite geek culture moms… good and bad. We’re celebrating what makes each mother special (or what doesn’t) with a little background on what they have been through, what makes them tick, and what’s made them who they are as moms. Please enjoy! … Continue reading

‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ – Why You Should Give It an Honest Chance


If you read my review of the new Ultimate Spider-Man show two weeks ago, you know that I love a good Marvel animated series but judge new ones very, very honestly. In short, I had high hopes for Ultimate Spider-Man because Paul Dini was an advisor for the show and because Spectacular Spider-Man was so great; I was horribly, horribly … Continue reading

Fight Your Rival! – The Batman VS The Doctor


I remember when I wrote our very first Fight Your Rival. It was last year and I was super excited for this series on Infinite Ammo. I thought to myself, “There are so many possibilities for fights out there! : D I’m going to write another one next month!” Cut to… now. And this—Fight Your … Continue reading

Ultimate SMH – Louis Santiago on the Series Premiere of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’


I really, really wanted to like this show. Partially because I love Spider-Man, and partially because Marvel cartoons suffer from the curse of not being DC animated series. My generation, having grown up on Batman: The Animated Series, The Justice League, and the many DC animated movies, is always ready to believe that any new DC … Continue reading

Final Fantasy: Unlimited Review: Does This Series Live Up To The Name?

FFU Feature

(Note: Thanks to the Final Fantasy: Unlimited Wikia for the pictures!) With Final Fantasy XIII-2 releasing soon, and the excitement I felt playing the demo and seeing the official released game footage, I fell into a renewed love for the Final Fantasy franchise that I haven’t felt since before Final Fantasy XIII released, when I … Continue reading

Nerd’s Night Out – The Way Station


Welcome to the very first of our brand new, 2012-fresh Nerd’s Night Out series, in which we highlight the premiere nerd hang-outs; places that are really awesome but that you very likely haven’t heard about (because many of us are so afraid of the sun). For our very first installment, the choice of locale was … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: Infinite Ammo’s 2011 Year in Review


To look back on this year, Infinite Ammo has brought together some of our writers to talk about 2011: our favorite, most anticipated and least liked games, movies, TV shows and comics. Favorite Game of the Year: Louis Santiago: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It’s hard to say what my favorite moment of the game … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo Looks Back: Part Two: Movies, Television, Music, and Around the Net


Never has there been a more exciting time for geek culture in the media than 2011: this year we were given a ton of comic book movies, fun sci-fi and fantasy movies, big ideas in TV, good music, and insanity on the internet. MOVIES We started our year with a lot of questions: we were … Continue reading

SMH – Can the WWE Change For the Better?


So, I watched Raw almost religiously for a few months now. I haven’t done that since, well, probably about 2002. Wrestling just stopped being interesting after a while. I wasn’t sure if it was me growing out of it or that the product was maybe starting to suffer. Or both. It was the product suffering, actually. … Continue reading

Infinite Ammo’s New York Comic Con Coverage! Day Two – More Panels!


  New York Comic Con is here and Infinite Ammo is your eyes and ears to the BIGGEST geek event on the east coast! Welcome to Day Two of the NYCC!!! To jump to our Comics coverage press here; To jump to our Television and Movies coverage press here; To jump to our Games coverage … Continue reading


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