‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ – Why You Should Give It an Honest Chance


If you read my review of the new Ultimate Spider-Man show two weeks ago, you know that I love a good Marvel animated series but judge new ones very, very honestly. In short, I had high hopes for Ultimate Spider-Man because Paul Dini was an advisor for the show and because Spectacular Spider-Man was so great; I was horribly, horribly … Continue reading

Ultimate SMH – Louis Santiago on the Series Premiere of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’


I really, really wanted to like this show. Partially because I love Spider-Man, and partially because Marvel cartoons suffer from the curse of not being DC animated series. My generation, having grown up on Batman: The Animated Series, The Justice League, and the many DC animated movies, is always ready to believe that any new DC … Continue reading

Final Fantasy: Unlimited Review: Does This Series Live Up To The Name?

FFU Feature

(Note: Thanks to the Final Fantasy: Unlimited Wikia for the pictures!) With Final Fantasy XIII-2 releasing soon, and the excitement I felt playing the demo and seeing the official released game footage, I fell into a renewed love for the Final Fantasy franchise that I haven’t felt since before Final Fantasy XIII released, when I … Continue reading

Terra Nova: Second Opinion for A New Earth


Chaos Mechanica did a terrific job of delineating the background and outline of Terra Nova; I couldn’t do it better, nor do I need to. So my focus here can be on my opinions of the show. Let me first say, my favorite part of the show is how it looks. Lush, beautiful landscapes, an … Continue reading

Terra Nova Review: Impressive Prehistoric Production or Colossal Fossil Failure?


So Terra Nova debuted last night… and for what may be one of the most hyped events of recent TV history, it wasn’t too bad. For those of you who don’t know, Terra Nova is a new series that premiered on Fox last night, about a family of five leaving yet another horrible conception of … Continue reading

MTV’s “Death Valley”: Horror Comedy Genius? Or B-Movie “Reno 911″ Knock Off?

Death Valley fb2

Death Valley: Episode 01: Pilot Created By: Spider One (musician and brother of even more famous musician, Rob Zombie) When I saw the TV Spot for MTV‘s new show Death Valley, I got excited: who would have thought of melding together the humor of Reno 911 and the currently-more-popular-than-ever horror genre? I haven’t. Chances are you haven’t … Continue reading

My Guilty Pleasure: Why Digimon Rocks My Socks

By CherryGirkUK!

They didn’t want to be the very best, that no one ever was. They didn’t want to catch them all. They were just seven scared kids lost in another world who just wanted to find their way home. At a time when all you needed was a catchy theme song, a constantly formulaic script, and … Continue reading


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