Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #2 Review

Ultimate Spidey Review 2

Coming off the heels of the lackluster introductory issue, Brian Michael Bendis’ second outing in Ultimate Spider-Man outclasses his first in more ways than one. This issue gives attention to Miles Morales’ powers and focuses on the ideology that will likely shape him into the man and spider he is destined to be. The issue … Continue reading

Buy It, Browse It, Burn It – Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

bi3-miles feature

With 52 re-imaginings of DC’s properties happening this month, it’s easy to forget what’s happening on the other side of the comics business battlefield. That’s particularly true because there’s only one big thing happening on the Marvel front. But, really, that one event is a big one, and we’d be kicking ourselves if we missed the chance … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: The Ultimate Question

ultimatequestion feature image

First Words from Louis Santiago, Who’s Read All of Ultimate Peter Parker’s Life: After some serious contemplation, I’ve decided to start this Round Table with… The Positive: I am a Black/Hispanic male. As such, and as a huge Spider-Man fan, it’s naturally jaw dropping for Spider-Man (really any A-list superhero [and not just an alternate … Continue reading


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