@ The Round Table: The DC Comics Reboot: Crisis of Infinite Do-Overs

dcreboot rt feature

From Crisis of Infinite Earths to Zero Hour: Crisis in Time!; from Infinite Crisis to Final Crisis: DC Comics has constantly tweaked their continuity for over two decades. Starting in September, DC Comics will have gone through yet another company-wide continuity reboot after the Flashpoint event ends, starting with 52 #1 titles that star fresh … Continue reading

Seriously! Why Haven’t You Seen “Captain America” Yet?! A Second Opinion

captain america 2nd opinion

First off, and crucially: I am not a comic book reader. Sure, I knock back several graphic novels in a year, but I’ve never bought a single-issue comic and I’m certainly not one of those people who will see a superhero movie and hope it is faithful to the comics. I am, however, someone who … Continue reading

Why Haven’t You Seen “Captain America” Yet?

captain america feature image

It’s okay if you were concerned with this movie. Did the early bobblehead Chris Evans turn you off a little? Did the puffy-looking costume from early pics burn your eyes a little? Were you unsure how a movie starring the Human Torch, MiB’s K, and Agent Smith would turn out? Well stop doubting this movie, … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: The… Amazing… Spider-Man?

spidey round table featured

First Words from Louis Santiago, a Major Spidey Fan: It’s only been a handful of days since the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man hit the web, right on the tails of the teaser for The Dark Knight Rises. And already, it seems like almost everyone agrees that it’s going to be the absolute most terrible thing that’s … Continue reading


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