Buy It, Browse It, Burn It: Comics Reviews of X-Men Schism #3, The New IDW Published Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, and Superman Beyond #0


X-Men: Schism #3: Buy It (along with issues #’s 1 & 2) As a huge X-Men fan, I have to say I was a little scared by Schism‘s premise. The X-Men titles have had their fair share of major events over the years (they must hold a world record by now) and having yet another … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: The Ultimate Question

ultimatequestion feature image

First Words from Louis Santiago, Who’s Read All of Ultimate Peter Parker’s Life: After some serious contemplation, I’ve decided to start this Round Table with… The Positive: I am a Black/Hispanic male. As such, and as a huge Spider-Man fan, it’s naturally jaw dropping for Spider-Man (really any A-list superhero [and not just an alternate … Continue reading

@ The Round Table: The… Amazing… Spider-Man?

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First Words from Louis Santiago, a Major Spidey Fan: It’s only been a handful of days since the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man hit the web, right on the tails of the teaser for The Dark Knight Rises. And already, it seems like almost everyone agrees that it’s going to be the absolute most terrible thing that’s … Continue reading


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