Infinite Ammo’s New York Comic Con Coverage! Final Day – The DC Meet the Publishers Panel!


Welcome to the Final Day of NYCC! Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Only one panel for Sunday?” The answer: we’re all unpaid here at Infinite Ammo. Unpaid and extremely independent (meaning we didn’t have a full team or a company’s support) and, by Sunday, we were all very, very tired of running around and … Continue reading

@ the Round Table: DC’s New 52: Did the Reboot Work?


From Crisis on Infinite Earths to Zero Hour: Crisis in Time!; from Infinite Crisis to Final Crisis: DC Comics has constantly tweaked their continuity for over two decades. For the entire month of September, DC Comics went through yet another company-wide continuity reboot after the Flashpoint event ended, relaunching it’s franchise with 52 all new … Continue reading

@ the Round Table: Superhero “Legacy” Characters: Real Replacements or Secondhand Gimmicks?

legacy rt feature

Infinite Dictionary: Legacy Character:  Any character created to carry the torch, uphold the honor, and fight in the name of a hero who has since passed away (and yet to be revived), gone missing in time or the multiverse, or has just been lost in the abyss of obscurity.  Any character created as an attempt … Continue reading


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